CREATRIX and FOUNDER - Amy Steinberg

Hello, I'm Amy! 

I've been ministering and teaching with my music and words since about 1992 when I began writing music.  When I am singing and giving spiritual lessons, I have one main goal: to make you feel good. I believe it is my job as an artist and teacher to lift you up and help you to see the Creative Genius that you are. I believe that God is Good, and the journey is a twisty turny, sometimes bumpy one, but always a marvelous ride. House of Love & Light will be a place where I express my divinity and invite you to find and express yours. I can't wait to meet you if we haven't met yet! 


MUSIC GODDESS - Melanie England

Hey… Melanie here!

I’ve been playing music since I can remember… sometimes on my own, and sometimes with an amazing band and full choir.  Sometimes I lead and sometimes I follow.  It only matters that I play whatever role is needed for everyone present to have a beautiful, tangible experience that brings people to the heights of joy and to the depths of emotion…. And ultimately closer being the love that we’re all here to be. So let’s do this!